A group of Tea Party sympathizers in Pulaski County, Ky., is trying to shut down the county library system's special taxing district over a tax hike, a move opponents say could close down the entire library system in the county.

The group aims to shutter the Pulaski County library's special taxing district after the district increased taxes by $1 over the last year, said Barbara Sanders, who is organizing a petition drive for the cause. The petitioners want a new taxing district formed under the county's fiscal court, Sanders said, which would allow for increased oversight and potentially decreased taxes.

However, library officials in Pulaski County said that Kentucky state law could trigger the closure of the entire library system and the sale of all its assets if the new district is formed. Charlotte Keeney, the county library director, said that according to her research, the assets of the current taxing district -- including buildings, books and furniture -- would have to be sold if the district is absolved, effectively closing the library system in the largely rural county of 60,000.

Under Kentucky law, Sanders and her allies would need roughly 6,500 valid signatures from county residents by Dec. 11 to put an end to the current district. Sanders said her group is not trying to close the library system, but rather to rein in the current district and put it under the control of the fiscal court.

Keeney told The Huffington Post that Sanders and her allies are part of the local Tea Party, but Sanders said the groups are not one in the same. The groups share the same beliefs, and her allies sympathize with the Tea Party, she said.

"We share some of the same ideals; we don't have a formal Tea Party in Pulaski County," Sanders told HuffPost. "We have people sympathize with it."