"Octomom" Nadya Suleman is ready to date again -- this time, for cash.

The 37-year-old mother of 14 has opened a profile on the dating website WhatsYourPrice.com, TMZ reports. The site allows users to bid money for dates with "smart, sexy people," and Octomom is one of them.

"My name is Nadya," her profile begins. "I have 14 children. I am a single mom and have been celibate for 14 years, all my children were through IVF. If I have to describe myself I would say I am full of energy, love to work out (when I can get a chance), I am very athletic and love to laugh."'

For those ready to cough up some cash, Octomom's ideal date is "working out or doing something athletic and then having a nice dinner."

Suleman does not reveal her net worth, but she does say that she is interested in everything from a short-term relationship to mutually beneficial arrangements (Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby).

Although some would consider Sulemon's latest venture a dip into the prostitution pool, Gawker's Louis Peitzman outlines, "yes, there's something a little sketchy about selling yourself online, but it's not prostitution unless they're paying for sex. If you choose to have sex with your date, that's your prerogative. (I've learned a lot from watching Gigolos on Showtime, OK?)."

It seems Suleman is strapped for cash these days.