NEW DELHI: BlackBerry maker Research in Motion's (RIM) four-year standoff with the Indian government over providing encryption keys for its secure corporate emails and popular messenger services is finally set to end.

RIM recently demonstrated a solution developed by a firm called Verint that can intercept messages and emails exchanged between BlackBerry handsets, and make these encrypted communications available in a readable format to Indian security agencies, according to an exchange of communications between the Canadian company and the Indian government.

This satisfies India's core demand that RIM provide intelligence and security agencies with automatic solutions to monitor all communication on BlackBerry smartphones on a real-time basis, an official aware of the development said.

"I can confirm that RIM is providing an appropriate lawful access solution that enables India's telecom operators to be legally complaint with respect to their BlackBerry consumer traffic," said a company spokesman. But he said there was no access to secure encrypted BlackBerry enterprise communications or corporate emails as these were accessible only to the owners of these services.