Illinois job seekers can now breathe a little easier about keeping their Facebook and Twitter pages private.

Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill today making it illegal for hiring managers to ask employees or potential employees for their passwords to social networking sites.

Illinois State Sen. Christine Radogno sponsored the bill. She said most young people can relate to the issue.

“I know I got a lot of likes on my Facebook page when we talked about this bill,” Radogno said.

Radogno added the law does not include any exemptions for “sensitive” jobs such as those in law enforcement. She said the purpose of the law was to provide a basic level of privacy for job seekers.

“This is really designed for the average person who’s looking for a job who may have social things out there that should not be used against them any more than someone coming into their house and searching through their closets,” Radogno said.

Under the new law, employers are banned from requesting passwords — but not usernames or any other information in “the public domain.” State Rep. La Shawn Ford, who sponsored the bill in the house, said first-time offenders can face fines from $100 to $300.