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    WormInApple Freedomfighter

    Apple-Twitter Deal In The Works?

    As one of the very few big tech companies without a Twitter account, Apple may seem like an odd choice for the rumor mill to pair with Twitter.

    But that's exactly what's being whispered in the tech press, and frankly, the marriage might just be fate.

    Citing "people briefed on the matter" at Apple, the New York Times' Evelyn M. Rusli and Nick Bilton reported Friday that Apple is considering taking a stake in Twitter and making a strategic investment "in the hundreds of millions of dollars." The Wall Street Journal, speaking with other insiders, followed up with its own piece confirming the rumors, and adding there were talks that took place about a year ago.

    So Apple and Twitter, what are we to make of your potentially pending secret engagement, if reports of a blossoming romance are accurate? Perhaps this is a match made in heaven between two like-minded partners. Or perhaps both are settling for the last firm that will have them.

    First, let's try to be optimists. Perhaps Apple and Twitter are soulmates because both value sleekness and simplicity, the former with its glossy lines of iProducts and the latter with its effortless 140-character bursts of thought. They also both hold something for each other: Apple has wads of cash ($117 billion to be precise) and Twitter has social network-savvy, which Apple hasn't been able to master.



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    FreedomFighter Freedomfighter

    Or maybe not

    UPDATE: Reuters has released its own report citing its own " sources familiar with the matter" countering the reports from the Times and the Journal. Reuters' Poornima Gupta and Jonathan Weber write that Apple and Twitter are "currently not in discussions on the mobile technology giant taking a stake in the popular social networking site," adding, "It is unclear if the two companies talked about a deal in the past and at what level such discussions were held, but there are no current, formal talks between the companies on an investment or acquisition, the sources said."


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