(...) The most encouraging poll for Democrats is a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey that shows a slight uptick in support for Obamacare after the Supreme Court's ruling, with 56 percent of the public wanting the law's detractors to move on to other issues. Another Washington Post-ABC News poll found that views toward the Affordable Care Act are more divided than they were in May. On average, however, more Americans continue to oppose the law than support it.

There is strong support, however, for individual provisions within the law. Those include allowing young adults to stay on their parents' health care plans, barring insurers from discriminating against individuals with preexisting conditions and prohibiting insurance companies from charging women higher premiums than men.

In a new memo provided to The Huffington Post, Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg argues that in light of this data, Democrats should not shy away from attacking Republicans on the substance of repeal.

"There might be one school of thought that would say, we should push back on repeal as a distraction that they're not really focusing on the economy," Greenberg said in an interview. "It's fine to say that, but I think there's more power in pointing out specifically what they would take away from people, and that they would do nothing to fix the problems that we have in the health care system."