"Weíve all seen some obvious product placement in movies and on television and AMCís The Walking Dead is no exception. You may remember the survivors making a little too big a deal over their Hyundai Tuscon in Season 2 (AMC later went on to give that car away in a sweepstakes) but when youíve got a good thing going you should stick with it. That why TWD creator Robert Kikman has teamed with Hyundai to create a zombie-proof car in honor of the 100th issue of the Image comic book.

Kirkmanís Skybound imprint and Hyundai present the Elentra GT Coupe sweepstakes. ďI donít know a lot about cars,Ē said Kirkman in a promotional video, ďbut I do know a lot about zombie apocalypse and what I would like to have to survive. And so I think Iíll be able to come up with something that looks cool but may not be very practical or effective because Iím not good with physics and stuff like that. But it seemed like a fun challenge.Ē"