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Thread: #preparethem

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    Caitlin Freedomfighter


    Stephen Colbert launched a new Twitter hashtag: #preparethem to prepare the GOP presidential hopefuls as the mighty Mitt Romney suggested.

    #preparethem: “Newt’s only hope for your vote is if you’ve been in a coma for 20 years, and if you have, he probably divorced you.”

    #preparethem: “Mitt Romney is not a vulture capitalist. Vultures only eat things that are dead.”

    The Colbert Report video:

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    FreedomFighter Freedomfighter
    Since Newt did not see his shadow we now must endure 6 more weeks of Republican debates #preparethem

    Since Newt is searching for a new campaign song....how about Three Times a Lady? #preparethem

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    FreedomFighter Freedomfighter
    #Gingrich's First Wife's Motto - No Child Left Behind #preparethem

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    Ardo_Nui Freedomfighter

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