Ranther Rules

Ranther's goal is to maximize your freedom of expression. To make that happen we need to set a few ground rules. We have as few rules as possible to allow our users to post their thoughts, rants, ideas and opinions as freely as they can.

We are a free expression board not an unmoderated board. We delete spam to allow something other than spam to be posted. We delete threats because they're illegal and to allow people to express themselves without fear.


Any post that threatens the survival of the board will be deleted.

No illegal speech. No threats, copyright violations, or advocating illegal acts.

No cyberstalking. No revealing telephone numbers, real names, addresses, businesses, relatives, photos, date of birth of board users or anyone else. The only exceptions are generally known facts about public figures. Generally known facts do not include a celebrity's address or cell number unless they've made it public voluntarily. No cyberstalking threads trying to find personal information about anyone. Respect people's privacy.

We allow non-spam promotional messages within reason. Don't post the same thing over and over, multiple posts of the same thing are spam and will be deleted. Search engine spamming to link farms is not allowed. Spam is what we say it is.

You can have as many or as few registered names as you like. You are under no obligation to register. Anonymous posting is allowed and encouraged. Unregistered posters have the same rights in the Jungle as registered posters.

By posting you give Ranther the right to keep your post or blog up forever. You do not give up your copyright. You still own your work, we just retain the right to keep a copy on Ranther forever.


You shouldn't tell people your own name or other identifying information, or post a link to any blog or website that has that information.

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