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The Fascist Threat

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The Eight Marks of Fascist Policy

John T. Flynn, like other members of the Old Right, was disgusted by the irony that what he saw, almost everyone else chose to ignore. In the fight against authoritarian regimes abroad, he noted, the United States had adopted those forms of government at home...

After reviewing this long history, Flynn proceeds to sum up with a list of eight points he considers to be the main marks of the fascist state...

Point 1. The government is totalitarian because it acknowledges no restraint on its powers.

Point 2. Government is a de facto dictatorship based on the leadership principle.

Point 3. Government administers a capitalist system with an immense bureaucracy.

Point 4. Producers are organized into cartels in the way of syndicalism.

Point 5. Economic planning is based on the principle of autarky. (economic self-sufficiency)

Point 6. Government sustains economic life through spending and borrowing.

Point 7. Militarism is a mainstay of government spending.



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