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  1. The unemployment figure is the highest since at least 1976

    The unemployment figure is the highest since at least 1976, the year after dictator Francisco Franco's death began Spain's transition to democracy. The jobless rate, which stood at 7.9% in mid-2007 , has risen relentlessly since the collapse in 2008 of a Spain's labour-intensive property boom. On Wednesday, Mr Rajoy told parliament that the job situation for the entire year "will not be good, but it will be less bad than in the preceding years"."Next year we will have growth and jobs ...
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  4. Facebook for children. yes or no

    Speaking at a summit on innovation in schools and teaching in Newark, New Jersey, last May, Mr Zuckerberg said that the current age limit would be challenged “at some point”.

    Claire Perry, Conservative MP for Devizes, who has campaigned for online safety, said at the time that she “would be very uncomfortable about extending this and I think it’s very, very irresponsible of Facebook to be suggesting it”.

    “With close parental supervision all of these social networking ...
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    Hi bros!

    My name is Justin and i'm writing this as my very first blog accessibility on this website.

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