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11/30/11, 07:30 PM
Ghostery estimates that if you put all of the top 10 worst "lagtags" on a single website, it would add 22 seconds to its load time.

And while the worst offender on the list, "Avalanchers" appears to be a fairly spammy link-sharing network, number two on the list, Millenial Media, appears to be a reputable "mobile advertising network" with a long list of top-tier clients, including Warner Brothers, McDonald's, and Chrysler.

Targeted advertising firm AdFusion also made the list, slowing page load times by nearly two seconds. (An eternity in user-perceived web time.)

Rounding out the rogue's gallery of laggy tags, hosting provider to the masses GoDaddy will charge you $3 a month to slow down your site with its Analytics package. I believe P.T. Barnum had a thing or two to say about that.


This doesn't go far enough. There are thousands of shitty bugs and widgets and scripts that eat CPU time and bandwidth.

Use a good hosts file to kill these parasites.


12/01/11, 04:18 AM
The Request Policy extension prevents all these off site scripts from loading by default.

12/01/11, 04:59 PM
Ghostery is a scam set up by the ad parasite industry. Use Adblock.