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11/11/11, 11:12 AM
An anonymous reader writes "Johannes Caspar, data protection commissioner for the German state of Hamburg, today declared he will soon fine Facebook over its use of biometric facial recognition technology. He said 'further negotiations are pointless' because the company had ignored a deadline he set for it to remove the feature. German authorities could fine Facebook up to 300,000 ($420,000)."



11/11/11, 09:42 PM
Sasha Grey is in trouble for using facial technology.


11/23/11, 05:15 PM
Eventually every photo on the web will be tagged with real names if you're in any database.

11/26/11, 12:44 AM
How to Turn off the Facebook Facial Recognition Tool

1. Log onto your Facebook profile and click on "Account" in the upper right hand corner.

2. From the drop down menu, click on "Privacy Settings."

3. Click on "Custom." At the bottom of the Custom menu, click on "Customize Settings."

4. Scroll down to the "Things others share" section to "Suggest photos of me to friends." Click "Edit Settings."

5. You should get a pop-up window that says "Photos: Suggest Tags." It will be enabled by default. Click on the drop-down menu and select "Disabled" to turn off the facial recognition tool. Click OK and your setting will be saved.


11/26/11, 12:51 AM
That's what you should do if you care about privacy. Don't deactivate it, delete it.

This tells you how but it leaves out one thing, you must not try to log into your account for two weeks! If you do it cancels the deletion!

Delete everything out of your profile. Take down your pictures, delete you friends from your friends list, erase comments you've left for people and leave any networks or groups you have joined. Be sure to save your profile changes so they take effect and your Facebook page is virtually empty.


This explains the two week 'bug' in the process.

The waiting period for deleting your Facebook account is two weeks after submitting your request, after which all of your information will be inaccessible. If you decide to log back in within that time period, your account will not be deleted and you will have to repeat the process all over again, including the two-week wait.


Eye In The Sky
11/26/11, 01:13 AM
Facebook is using the same methods used by Homeland Security to spot "terrorists".

Biometric face recognition works by using a computer to analyze a subject's facial structure. Face recognition software takes a number of points and measurements, including the distances between key characteristics such as eyes, nose and mouth, angles of key features such as the jaw and forehead, and lengths of various portions of the face. Using all of this information, the program creates a unique template incorporating all of the numerical data. This template may then be compared to enormous databases of facial images to identify the subject.


11/29/11, 10:18 AM
If someone didn't know that Facebook was a threat to privacy the first time they heard about it I don't think any warnings now are going to help.